Castle Schwerin

Schwerin, Germany

Schweriner castle illumination for the German Unification Day party  

This year Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania hosted the celebration of the 17th anniversary of German reunification on 3 October 2007. The north-eastern German federal state was the first of the sixteen countries to host this important commemoration day for the second time. The spatial centre of the extensive programme for more than 250,000 people was the city of Schwerin, which concluded the citizens’ festival with a large closing gala. In this context, Helicon-Media was commissioned by the Berlin agency Compact-Team to stage an impressive closing show.

The media service provider A&O Technology supplied a total of 22 FALCON BEAM 3kW on behalf of Helicon Media. Under the Helicon Media project management of Tobias Müller and the A&O team management of Heiko Schmidt, the alpha one FALCON Xenon lighting systems were installed on the roof and balconies of Schwerin Castle. The festivities on the Day of German Unity in Schwerin ended with a big open-air gala. It reached its climax around 9:30 p.m., when the FALCON BEAM systems equipped illumination of the castle was presented as part of a music, light, laser and fireworks show. The lighting designer Gerd Helinski and the operator Udo Thimm succeeded in creating an atmospheric illumination of the historic location.

A&O Technology cooperates at numerous events with the Berlin media service provider HELICON-MEDIA on searchlight and LED.


Schwerin, Germany


October 2007, 
German Unification Day


22 FALCON BEAM colour 3kW


Gerd Helinski, HELICON Media


A&O Lighting Technology Germany


Copyright Gerd Helinski, 

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