Snow Patrol - Eyes Open Worldtour

Bangor, North Ireland

FALCON BEAM from A&O Technology at Snow Patrol’s Homecoming  

More than 30.000 fans came to the “Eyes Open Worldtour”-Homecoming Show of the successful band Snow Patrol in the Ward Park in Bangor, Northern Ireland, which formed the conclusion of the UK part.  HSL, the band’s lighting equipment supplier, supplied the complete lighting technology for this last show as part of the world tour on 1 September. Among them were 32 FALCON BEAM 3 kW from A&O Lighting Technology, equipped with special colours and scrollers.

For the concert, the creative team around lighting designer Davy Sherwin and visual designer Robin Haddow created a very special show concept that differed from the other performances. Nevertheless, there was a clear reference to the stage aesthetics of the entire tour. As before, Sherwin and Haddow succeeded in combining the light and video design to create an unforgettable overall impression.

As part of the brilliant show, eight FALCON BEAM were fixed to a truss in the back of the stage, providing powerful wash light and searchlight effects. In addition, in the PA area, four FALCON™ BEAMs were used per side and a further six along the stage floor. These radiated far into the audience area and bathed the audience in a sea of lights with different colours.


Bangor, Northern Ireland



September 2007



32 FALCON BEAM colour 3kW



Davy Sherwin, Robin Haddow



A&O Lighting Technology Germany



Copyright Louise Stickland

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