Olympic Winter Games Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada

AO FALCONs at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver

Although temperatures were originally around 10° C and everyone was worried about conditions for the Winter Olympics, the weather in the end played along and the Games could begin on schedule. An impressive closing ceremony on the 28th February in the sold-out BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, British Columbia, then marked the end of the 21st Winter Olympics. For this major sporting occasion, A&O Technology USA commissioned by PRG Los Angeles provided in all forty-four FALCON 6000 CMY and four FALCON FLOWER 7000W units. It was the first time such a large number of FALCON xenon searchlights had ever been deployed in Canada.

The xenon searchlights, manufactured by alpha one, were used during the opening ceremony, the nightly medal presentation ceremonies and the closing ceremony in Vancouver’s BC Place Stadium. Thirty-six FALCON 6000 CMY units were flown from trussing beneath the stadium roof and four FALCON FLOWER 7000W units used as floor lamps. For each evening’s medal presentation ceremony, the lighting equipment was supplemented by a further eight FALCON 6000 CMY units positioned as additional floor lamps to the side of the stage. The lighting design for the ceremonies was the work of Bob Dickinson of Full Flood. The Winter Olympics were carried by TV stations throughout Canada and all over the world, the coverage including not only the competitions but also the various ceremonies.

Olympic Winter Games 2010 in Vancouver, Canada
Olympic Winter Games 2010 in Vancouver, Canada


BC Place Stadion, Vancouver, Kanada


February 2010


44x FALCON 6000 CMY
4x FALCON FLOWER colour 7.000W


Bob Dickinson, Full Flood


Copyright Jens Modigell

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