Welcome Europe - Sofia

Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria joins the EU on New Year’s Eve 2006/2007

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On 31 December 2006, punctually at midnight, a light show was presented at Batenbergplatz in Sofia/Bulgaria to celebrate Bulgaria’s accession to the EU. At the invitation of the Bulgarian government, Berlin lighting designer Gert Hof, in collaboration with Jens Probst/A&O Creative, developed a phenomenal lighting spectacle with pyrotechnics, laser and light installations.

The pre-programming took place on site in the mobile WYSIWYG studio of A&O Creative. The focus of this light show was the parliament building in Sofia; it was illuminated for the public and also for invited guests from politics and business. A television broadcast of the festivities in front of the Parliament building took place via various news agencies in many European countries. Welcome 2007 – Welcome to the European Union.

EU entry of Bulgaria 2007, illumination of the parliament building in Sofia/Bulgaria by lighting designer Gert Hof. With television broadcast in many European countries.


Parliament building, Batenbergplatz in Sofia/Bulgaria



December 2006



Gert Hof in cooperation with A&O Creative



Guido Karp / Gert Hof

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