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Commercial for MINI, Lisbon, Portugal

FALCON searchlights for Mini Electric in Lisbon 

Electric is ready to play!
Thanks to Jung von Matt/Spree and POOLgroup GmbH for trusting in the FALCONs and the expertise of the AO crew!

For the market launch of the purely electrically powered model of the British premium brand, MINI ELECTRIC is setting a widely visible sign for sustainable mobility in the Portuguese capital Lisbon. Powerful searchlights, which are connected to public charging stations in the city area and direct their beam of light from there directly into the night sky, symbolize the radiant power that emanates from electric mobility in a spectacular way. The lighting design conveys a clear message: There is no shortage of charging points – MINI ELECTRIC shows the way to them and points the way: The ideal time has come to switch to locally emission-free mobility.

The location for the spectacular action of MINI ELECTRIC was chosen with care. Lisbon has been named “European Green Capital 2020” by the European Commission. The metropolis on the Atlantic coast qualified for the award thanks to a large number of initiatives to improve environmental conditions and the quality of life in the urban area. Lisbon, for example, has one of the world’s densest networks for supplying electricity to electric vehicles, with a total of more than 500 public charging points. And the city administration itself is also relying more and more on locally emission-free mobility. The municipal vehicle fleet already consists of 39 percent electric vehicles.

The event, organised by MINI ELECTRIC in cooperation with the Lisbon City Council and focused on the city centre and three conurbations along the Atlantic coast, literally highlights how tightly the network of charging points has now been woven and how good the conditions are for electric driving. The cones of light emitted by the searchlights signal that drivers of electrically powered cars will find an opportunity to recharge their vehicle’s high-voltage battery at practically any street corner. The light show was designed in close cooperation with the Portuguese aviation security authorities to exclude any impact on air traffic.

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Lisbon, Portugal



January 2020



Jung von Matt/Spree and POOLgroup GmbH 


© Mini 


Electric is ready to play – Commercial video

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