McDonald's Franchisee Meeting


AO Drones realized the first drone light show in Greece for the franchisee meeting of McDonald’s Germany

View of a drone View of a drone
AO Drones, the specialist global provider of drone light shows, delivered a stunning show element for the final of McDonald’s Franchisee Meeting  2019 in Greece. The result were 500 amazed VIP guests.

Comments from the audience such as “Wow, what’s that?” ; “I’ve never seen anything like it before” or “How did they do it?” left no doubt that the VIPs in the Greek luxury resort enjoyed a very unique experience.
Norbert Varga, Event Manager, McDonald’s Germany who used drone light show for first time was really happy with the result and would like to continue for the upcoming events.

The teams from AO Drones worked close in collaboration with McDonald’s Germany to design the visual content, including three-dimensional, dynamic logos and claims.
AO Drones’ design team synchronized the drone content with an individual cut of three different pop songs.

The 7-minute drone light show was to be a bang for the guests, so keep secrecy was very important. Due to the easy and compact show setup, the team was able to proceed the rehearsals during the night – without the guest’s noticing. Also the dramaturgy of the event and the drone light show, which took place after the closing fireworks, was of particular importance. It needed to be ensured  that the guests do not turn away after the fireworks. Direct cooperation and real-time communication with the technical production management, the local AV service provider and the local pyro company enabled an effective connection of the show elements.





October 2019



AO Drones in close collaboration with the client



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McDonald’s Germany

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