Telekom's DigitalX event

Cologne, Germany

AO Creative illuminates the Colonius for Telekom’s DigitalX event

Cologne's TV tower illuminated in pink Cologne's TV tower illuminated in pink
Das Beste 5G Das Beste 5G
TV tower illumination during DigitalX TV tower illumination during DigitalX

On behalf of the agency DO IT!, our AO Creative Team, together with our partner Laserfabrik, immersed the 266 metres high Colonius telecommunications tower in Cologne in rich magenta for the DIGITAL X conference trade fair, an initiative of Deutsche Telekom, and provided it with laser lettering.

With the high-end colour laser projectors of the Phaenon X Pro series we were able to display seemingly filled areas – ideal for the wide-area illumination of the tower.

At the same time, Deutsche Telekom celebrated Germany’s largest and best 5G network with the illumination.


Telecommunications tower ‘Colonius’, Cologne, Germany



September 2021



AO Creative in cooperation with DO IT!



DO IT! for Telekom Deutschland



Telekom erleben

Telekom’s DigitalX illumination – Social media clip

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