Zayed University - Opening new campus for women

Dubai, UAE

New campus for women opened at Zayed University in Dubai 

In November 2007, A&O Technology Middle East supported the opening of the new campus for women at Zayed University in Dubai with a colourful light installation. After a lighting design by Pawel “Spider” Pajak, a breathtaking atmosphere was created on the university campus under a night sky that was broadcast live on Dubai TV.


On behalf of the Gulf Arena Dubai, the Abu Dhabi-based service provider A&O developed an atmospheric lighting concept with architectural lighting and searchlights. The equipment used included 40 SKY FALCON® ARC colour 1.2 kW, 22 FALCON® BEAM 3 kW and 6 FALCON® FLOWER 3 kW. In order to immerse the entire building complex in a splendid garment of colour changes, architectural spotlights were positioned on the campus grounds to illuminate the façade. Impressive highlights during the opening ceremony were provided by Xenon Searchlights, which were positioned on the roofs and above the stage.


After welcoming the guests, including UAE University and Research Minister Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al-Nahayan, the new campus was introduced and celebrated with a multimedia show followed by a gala dinner. The clients described the illumination of the opening ceremony with musical accompaniment of the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra as “overwhelming”.

A Gulf Arena Production


Sheikh Zayed University Dubai, UAE



November 2007



40 SKY FALCON ARC colour 1.200W

22 FALCON BEAM colour 3kW




Pawel “Spider” Pajak



A&O Technology Middle East



A&O Technology

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