World Club Dome

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Uniqueness the common objective – AO Creative produces for Bigcitybeats a magnificent light show for the grand opening and closing ceremonies of the World Club Dome


With a light show newly conceived by AO Creative for the Grand Opening and closing ceremony of the World Club Dome 2015, BigCityBeats managed to give ravers in the Frankfurt Commerzbank Arena goose pimples. BigCityBeats has long been synonymous with major opening and closing shows designed by its initiator and organizer Bernd Breiter. Working with AO Creative they really excelled themselves in terms of both effect and magnitude. True to its motto “higher, faster, further”, the company assembled for the World Club Dome live show the largest constellation of luminaires ever deployed for an event of its kind.



Realization of a newly conceived light show for the major opening and closing ceremony



AO Creative the creative division of AO Lighting, under the creative direction of the renowned lighting designer Manfred “Ollie” Olma, delivered in the form of its newly conceived light show “Big City Lights” one of the highlights of both the opening and closing ceremonies of the World Club Dome. The impressive images of light that flooded the arena were enough to give spectators goose pimples. The video content was created by Saskia Olma, whilst Marco Niedermeier was active in the role of Executive Producer. “We provided the illumination from inside, yet to spectators it appeared as though it were happening outside, the arena.

It is not just an architectonic 3D light but extends into 4D and 5D. Spectators are given the impression that they are travelling in time. Based on the interaction of lighting, video, laser and pyrotechnics, the guiding leitmotif for the lighting design stemmed from the doctrine of the Four Elements. It was supported by powerful sound”, recalls Manfred “Ollie” Olma.



“BigCityBeats has long been distinguished by its self-composed intro. It is the highpoint of every show and conveys that ‘weekend feeling’, which we like to call ‘big city beats’, directly to the hearts of all who witness it. For the BigCityBeats World Club Dome, we developed an opening and closing show with maximum emotional impact. And thanks to AO, a magnificent team and incredible equipment (including a multitude of high-powered lamps), we managed to create together a new type of spectacle.

The BigCityBeats World Club Dome has drawn a massive response worldwide. I’d like to thank most warmly AO, Marco Niedermeier, Ollie Olma and the entire team that contributed to the realization of my dream,” says Bernd Breiter, CEO of BigCityBeats.


AO Creative under the direction of Manfred „Ollie“ Olma (Opening & closing ceremony)



Ralph Larmann, Manfred Voss



Commerzbank Arena, Frankfurt am Main, Germany




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