Galerie König - Infinite column

Berlin, Germany

Galerie König, Berlin: Showroom Michael Sailstorfer  

The artist Michael Sailstorfer contacted A&O Lighting Technology GmbH for support for one of his latest projects. For his work “Infinite Column” (2006) he needed a high performance spotlight. In cooperation with Sailstorfer and the manufacturer alpha one gmbh, A&O Lighting Technology designed the housing according to the artist’s ideas and had a custom-made FALCON STATIC ARC 7 kW architectural floodlight built at the premises of the manufacturer alpha one. The completed high performance floodlight became the property of the Galerie König in Berlin. The sculpture with the powerful lighting system formed the centrepiece of the exhibition in the Galerie König, which ran continuously during the Football World Cup. The light column of the sculpture called “Infinite Light Column” was visible during the nights far above the roofs of Berlin.


The press release says about the project “Infinite Column”:

Only at night, when the room is not accessible, a pillar of light shines through the roof of the gallery seemingly infinitely into the sky. This nocturnal manifestation of the sculpture, which in a way rests on the spotlight as a pedestal, paints a good picture of Sailstorfer’s interest. Transformation and de-materialization are recurring focal points of his working method.


The 7000 watt high-power spotlight (85 x 100 cm) is placed in the middle of the gallery and emits a 50 cm x approx. 5 km long, strong beam of light through the removed skylights. The light column stands on the spotlight like on a pedestal. Under daylight conditions, nothing can be seen of the escaping energy.


Berlin, Deutschland



June/July 2006



Spezialangefertigter Hochleistungsscheinwerfer auf Basis des FALCON STATIC ARC white 7kW



Michael Sailstorfer


A&O Lighting Technology GmbH, alpha one gmbh



Copyright Michael Sailstorfer “Infinite Column”, 2006, custom-made high-power spotlight, courtesy of Johann König, Berlin


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