KA300 - 300 years Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe, Germany

Dreinull and battleROYAL present spectacular FALCON light installation for the 300th anniversary of Karlsruhe

On the occasion of its 300th anniversary, the city of Karlsruhe opened the multi-day anniversary event “KA 300” with an exclusive VIP event. FALCON searchlights, distributed throughout the city. They were dedicated to the personalities of the past and the future of the city. Visible for miles around, the beams of light danced over the roofs of the city. In addition, the Karlsruhe City Palace was staged with light and video projections.

The Mediatainment Agency Dreinull in cooperation with the show production company battleRoyal trusted in the expertise of AO Technology and relied on the luminosity of the FALCON searchlights. A total of 36 FALCON BEAM colour 7000W were used in the city. In addition, eight FALCON CMY LED VIDEO and 16 FALCON BEAM colour 3000W were integrated into the production at the Stadtschloss.


Karlsruhe, Germany



June 2015



Dreinull in cooperation with battleROYAL 


Guido Klinge (www.guido-klinge.de)

Frank Hügle 





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