Drone show celebrated National Day in Al Ain

Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

AO Drones delivered drone show for Class Act to celebrate National Day in Al Ain with a sky high display

Our team was out in force over two nights to mark the 52nd anniversary of the UAE. AO Multimedia & Drones delivered a 1,100-strong LED drones and pyro drones display high above the mountains of Al Ain’s Jebel Hafeet Park. And we topped the last year’s choreography in number of drones and effect. Our advanced drones choreographed animated images like the flag of the United Arab Emirates bearing the number ‘52’, and scenes of the emirate’s historic and futuristic background. The event was designed in collaboration with experiential events agency, Class Act Middle East.

We were proud to create a memorable display for an audience of thousands, who looked into the sky in patriotic awe as an array of imagery showcasing the country’s achievements centred on pearl diving, the landscape, space exploration and the famous Abu Dhabi skyline. The crowning highlight was the final image of the UAE flag forming a single unit with a large 52 and standing on a rotating ring of flaming pyro drones in the night sky.

The project was another professional feat in close collaboration with the Class Act team. It was a pleasure to work on, uniting our technology and creative visions with a seamless journey to display realisation.

Drones create a hemisphere of the globe with a view to Arabian Emirates during National Day 2023 in Al Ain
Astronaut and satellite formed by drones National Day 2023 in Al Ain
Arabian landscape formed by drones at National Day 2023 in Al Ain
skyline of drones at National Day 2023 in Al Ain
Sheikh Zayed Festival's National Day drone show
Hero picture pyro drones at National Day 2023 in Al Ain
52. UAE National Day Al Ain – Drone show highlights

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