AO Technology features MITE BEAM 2,000W

Due to their sharp and bright beams and their easy handling the 2.000W xenon beam lights MITE BEAM are ideal for touring, festivals and live events. They are also perfect tools for applications in television and film productions.

The MITE BEAM offers 40,600 lumens output with 6,500K and a CRI of 97. Sixty saturated dichroic colours, as well as twelve changeable E-Gobos, allowing a variety of light moods. The beam light also offers a zoom with 5° – 10° and a wash option (Frost).

Lighting designer Jerry P. Appelt relies on MITE BEAM xenon beam lights from the AO Lighting rental park, explaining:
„Due to their sharp and bright beams, MITES are highliy impressive. That‘s why I employed them as XL beam lights for the Dubai World Cup, the tour of „Böhse Onkelz“ and at the Matapaloz Festival. On each occasion, they performed convincingly.“