Atlantis The Palm New Year's Eve


Schlagerbooom Open Air drone shows

Together with an amazing team, we brought the first pyro drone show to Austria and participated in the wonderful anniversary edition of Schlagerbooom 2024. We accompanied the live event over two days and flew a variety of motifs as the ideal visual support for performing artists such as Andrea Berg and the precious Elisabeth – Das Musical.

Amid the MDR/ORF production, 600 drones danced in the sky to famous songs by German Schlager stars and Musicals, thrilling over 12,000 spectators, watching the drone show in Kitzbühel. A significant highlight were the pyro drones, which brought the gigantic wings made of drones to life!

Many thanks to Elements Entertainment, Mond Entertainment, and Jürgens TV for trusting AO Drones to bring the spectacle of drone shows to Austria and for the excellent teamwork and expertise, which brought great joy to the entire AO team.
Photos by: Dominik Beckmann