100 years swb power plant

Bremen, Germany

100 years swb in Bremen 

On 10 June 2006 swb celebrated 100 years of electricity from Bremen. The entire illumination of the power plant as well as the technical lighting equipment for the event was provided by A&O Lighting Technology GmbH.

The illumination with architectural lighting systems and searchlights from the manufacturer alpha one gmbh as well as laser technology and lighting control of the complete anniversary event were realized by A&O Lighting Technology GmbH. From 21:00 to 1:30 o’clock the “power plant at night”in colourful robe could be visited by the people. 


June 2006



Hastedt, Bremen, Germany



40 SKY FALCON ARC white 1200W, partly with dicro filter

20 SKY FALCON ARC colour 1200W   

6 FALCON STATIC ARC white 3000W with Dicro filter 

6 FALCON BEAM colour 3000W

6 FALCON FLOWER colour 3000W

1 alpha one / LEC Laser 8W

incl. computer, power supply equipment, control panel etc.


A&O Technology



Omega Party

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